DVD BASE Profile:

…And now DVD Base CONTINUES the journey that started 10 Years Ago.

DVD base's goal is to be the destination of choice for movies, games and home Entertainment.

DVD Base is continually looking for ways to offer its customers more value, choice and convenience.

DVD Base provides the latest releases and also gives its customers much more choice from classic titles, foreign films, music DVDs, interactive Games, sports, documentaries, stand-up comedies, Arabic movies, plays, and TV series.

DVD BASE  is not just a DVD rental Shop, DVD Base is now considered one of the Biggest sources to Buy & Rent The latest Blu-Ray movies,PS3 games, In addition to these we sell PS2,WII,X-BOX,PSP,Nintendo DS/SP Games, Machines And Its accessories.

Trade-In is something that really sets DVD Base apart from other competitors. Customers can trade-in movies and games.

For many people a 'Great Night In' is sitting down with friends and family to enjoy a movie and indulge themselves with a choice of their favorite chocolates, snacks or popcorn. DVD Base provides all the elements of a 'Great Night In' under one roof.