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Q:    How to be a member at DVD BASE?
A:    DVDs & Blu-Rays Membership is for 75,000 LBP
In case of doing both 100,000 LBP
P.S: Our memberships are lifetime ones and non-refundable deposit.

Q:    How to rent DVDs, Blu-Rays and PS3 games?
A:    For the DVDS and the Blu-Rays: the rental is 2,500 LBP for 2 days.
For the PS3 Games: The rental is 7500 LBP for 7 days.

Q:    How much is the overdue charge for each additional day?
A:    1,000 LBP is to be paid for each additional day.

Q:    In case of losing a rented (DVD, Blu-Ray or PS3 Game)?
A:    In this case, it will depend on the (DVD, Blu-Ray or PS3 Game) price, the customer membership will be automatically freeze till the customer settle his account.

Q:     What about delivery and pick up services?
A:     Our delivery and pick up services starts from 5 pm till 12 pm on daily basis

Q:     What is the opening hours?
A:     We open 7 days a week from 10 am till 12 am. Except on Sundays we open from 6 pm till 12 am.

Q:    Do you offer online ordering?
A:     Yes we do, and its very simple:
- First you have to register as a member on this website.
- You will immediately receive an email to activate your account.
- Then you will use your username and password to login securely.


DVD BASE have a nice movie...